Thursday, December 23, 2010

Modelling agency - cherry top, rat, 420'er, Daisy Duck.

As far as I know….

A cabin boy is arranging the shell of an elaborate champagne fountain. A bouquet of rotten flowers are upstairs, wilterring. Thats where the cherry tops would be… most likely run off their feet cheesing above deck. WOOF!

It's common knowledge they're all (C.T.'s) potential CBH's - but crew members seem to be shooing them away like flies. A couple are mildly interested in the baby crockett who joined camp a mere 3 days ago. BC seems nonchalant about the horde of basketeers…. AFAIK the BC shared stories of being bitten by the dog and was craving "some alone time at the moment."

CB is the only affable palette, but busy below deck.


TOC is a kept boy. Alexander the Great was a greek king who boasted several male lovers. Mark Antony is said to have been involved in activities of the left field. PK is a bicycle, flipping in between the bird circuit and drunken sports bars on a saturday night. Who's PK??? AFAIK Timmy Whynehar is a bicycle rider who would sprint to the opening of a canister set be it human OR animal. Got a Dime? (american)

Christvn is a Dink. The same with GADDA, g.odhKa.a.a., PePKPKPK and FARD… but thats on the total DL for now. Ja? TT carted tales about a lot of DOG FOOD skirting around the barracks when he served in the 70's and its true - most drain pipes were locked at night.

KK is Dutch and a boy, HAsXX is a Dutch boy. There is a difference. RAT is featherless, RB is hideously feathery and utterly Fay in both senses of the word.

Rancid Flowers are thrown over a busy highway and trampled over by cars. Flattened by trucks. LongFox is soooooooooo into this. LF keeps his happy trail under intense supervision. LEopard is in total admiration of this maintenance.

There is an advertisement ISO: HWP, glk, WS, DTe, C2C, BW, 420. B.Q. is thinking of getting in contact. P'dubs is on the horn ATM so he'll have to wait. They're - B.Q. and P'dubs - on the phone as we speak and that is what P'dubs was told. (That he'll have to wait… it says that above. ) A wide eyed Lamb silently waits at his feet, snickering along with a one sided conversation.

Darion is double-gaited much like PK. BOSS was pounced upon by a pack of dingoes 3 weeks ago and is still recovering.

It is said that the term DONALD DUCK was used to describe a dishonourable discharge for homosexuality in the American Navy.

CLOTHESRACK, a renowned sexual athlete has an intense CO and was dethroned from the eastB toilet block because of this very reason. During a excessive food bender TeeTee left alley apples on the doorstep of 10 to 12 unknowing households.

Mark Antony was said to be involved with Julius Ceasar and various other M2M affairs. Darryn Jime and Bridge Maxl have decided to name their first born "Zanie". HAsXX was there to witness this. FULL DRESS CODE is required for tomorrow afternoon.

McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hungry Jacks are all subscribing to the new millennium pressure of "healthy architecture": modifying menus and a denial of early designs. The past breeds ideas of an unhealthy lifestyle and intense "excess", or so they say…

The new architecture resembles that of healthy inner city living. Strange apartments situated close to the train stations and with a heavy brick veneer etc etc etc etc et etc

The Catcher observes the Gift Giver eat all the aforementioned fast-food with great bitterness. McD's, KFC, HJ etc etc etc. CC is offered food but knows cannot partake. Can - or doesn't want to? These words are being frisbee'd around internally. Can/ Don't want to, Can/ Don't want to, Can/ Don't want to and so on and so on and so on. C knows his ksubi jeans will be around his ankles shortly. Nobody is reading, only offering themselves as something to be read etc etc etc etc.

A body is stripped. GG rises to the occasion. GG watches C, remaining fixed to his spot or "throne" even. His breathing is loud. Panting. A t-shirt is worn, previously cut up and clumsily pinned back together. This is a "premature" look - an infant object/ mind frame placed in the deep end posing as the shallow. Yes it is water and yes it is a t-shirt, but it is still obviously precious and not treated in the same disregard as a raggie or 85 yo paint smock.

Company will be arriving soon…

GG extracts his smoking device from backpack. A high pitched alarm is throbbing from a distant car. Mercedes…. C is approached (again). STEPPEN, CUPP, CLOTHES, g.odhKa.a.a., RACK, BRUSH, CHAINS, WHEELS, CHAOS have arrived. GG is taken by surprise or "perplexed"(?). Many different people, opportunities etc etc etc etc. Bags and heavy jackets have been removed and are now covering a good portion of the floor. There is no cloak room or shelves or containers to house all this "stuff". Later on STEPPEN(GG) will surrender his fur trimmed jacked as a drop sheet for BRUSH (C ), CHAINS (C ) and CUPP(C )…. but at the moment things are relatively quiet.

GG (no name) and GG (STEPPEN) have ordered food. Endless dishes are being delivered. Food just keeps on coming. A TEENAGE BOY, MIDDLE AGED MAN, MID TWENTIES MALE have also been called. Two of the latter are SKINHEADS etc etc etc etc. A "quiet" night has begun to mushroom into a busy thoroughfare. CHAINS, CUPP, BRUSH have decided against removing their motorcycle helmets. The main body of shirts and pants have been peeled off leaving only the arms and legs being clothed - kind of like an inverted muscle tee/ short shorts. This serves as a "blackening out" appearance. A group of C's shaved down to only a torso, crotch, stump arms/ stump legs and (sometimes) face. If magazines were being consumed it would be probably nothing at all.

The Mercedes has been hot-wired and moved into "the space". It looks good/ cliched/ rough etc etc etc. Maybe even someone will start a bonfire from the oil drums. Over the course of the night, catchers will spray the car with requests or "propositions". Sooner of later there will be no room left on the car for lettering - it is only a four seater - and somebody is sent out to buy paint of another colour. A glossy purple is chosen to blanket over the yellow lettering. Windows have been smashed, tires slit. A sock has been slid onto the exhaust piping. Many are gasping for air.

CHAINS is pounding his fists on a wire fence, CUPP is gasping for air, leaning against the brick wall.

abandoning his coat of morals

solid structural foundation

Most sexuality for young men is primarily a violent urge. if you like men to men that is.. Violence

take full advantages of their services while you can…

"I have bad memories of trying to strangle someone - that is gross. Their body was smothered in lubricant and my hands somehow wound up around their neck. "

Who said that, why say that, i.e. in the company of mutants

Two old goats have already been devoured and its not even midday.

Phone Conversation
sewer chewer
Violence is a primary urge in sexuality.
Locker room
post mix coca cola
baby with a mohawk
baby with a faux hawk & mullet
Escape, man..………
dying of thirst
Pierced, fresh & honest
Got milk? got dik? etc etc etc etc etc etc
Two old goats
SCTP has slyly begun tooling up.
"controversial" movies
RRotGTS is into FthRSH'R/YY/WFF/c2c/HJ etc etc etc
Baboon with a bow
forgetting to flush


dogbowl & RRotGTS are being "interviewed"
for a magazine. it is a publication exclusively celebrating youth.

The boys are asked questions, etc etc etc etc..……..…. Words are used which come across as "loaded". Many glasses of water were filled up and emptied quickly.

Cigarettes were "smoked"…..………...

PK poses with a can of coke. His penis outline is alertingly visible. He is drinking, yes, but he is aware of what else is happening - somebody is taking a photo.

Dogbowl is mute

Somebody in the next room is cooking popcorn. P.K. made a remark about the sound of distant popping, the w oft of butter etc etc

PK inside Dogbowl is Pdogkowl. The "P" being silent.

Grown men amongst real life representation of tomoffinland men come across as mere fodder.

beasts, high performance, good bacteria does not make up for the amount of bad bacteria, 500 percent more impact resistance etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc





There is "activity" or "movement" below the belt etc etc tec


The C is exposed to his (soon to be) suiters.
There is no amyl around so C cranks up the heat to an extreme level.
The sheer heat makes him dizzy and light headed. This is a feeling he is all too aware of. Feeling heady/ giving head, giving heady and feeling head etc etc etc etc etc etc.

A sweaty pit of men are interlocked amidst a hungry rimming circle..

It is the sound of one being ravaged,,,,, etc etc etc

they are what they are nothing and something and that is of what is something that is bandage on a leg and again and an iced mocca and buffalo wings which is something they would probably all desire if there was even a second given to take a breath etc etc etc etc etc etc

Amidst the rhythmic gobbling etc etc etc etc the low frequency of a saliva driven chocolate bark is obvious. Stands out etc etc

CELTIC/ TRIBAL TATTOO's COVERING their bodies. Full back tattoo's, upper arm tribal emblems.



Whats that porno stars name from titan men videos that has the piercing on the back of his scrotum? The Sleeper with a metal ball bearing which keeps it together - I think he has a bunch of Tribal tattoo's on his arms.

I am fond of the snaps clubbing men in gay newspapers, the social pages type things… they pose with a shoulder towards the camera. These shoulders are decorated with celtic armbands or tribal style markings or maybe even barb wire....

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