Thursday, December 23, 2010

Modelling agency - cherry top, rat, 420'er, Daisy Duck.

As far as I know….

A cabin boy is arranging the shell of an elaborate champagne fountain. A bouquet of rotten flowers are upstairs, wilterring. Thats where the cherry tops would be… most likely run off their feet cheesing above deck. WOOF!

It's common knowledge they're all (C.T.'s) potential CBH's - but crew members seem to be shooing them away like flies. A couple are mildly interested in the baby crockett who joined camp a mere 3 days ago. BC seems nonchalant about the horde of basketeers…. AFAIK the BC shared stories of being bitten by the dog and was craving "some alone time at the moment."

CB is the only affable palette, but busy below deck.


TOC is a kept boy. Alexander the Great was a greek king who boasted several male lovers. Mark Antony is said to have been involved in activities of the left field. PK is a bicycle, flipping in between the bird circuit and drunken sports bars on a saturday night. Who's PK??? AFAIK Timmy Whynehar is a bicycle rider who would sprint to the opening of a canister set be it human OR animal. Got a Dime? (american)

Christvn is a Dink. The same with GADDA, g.odhKa.a.a., PePKPKPK and FARD… but thats on the total DL for now. Ja? TT carted tales about a lot of DOG FOOD skirting around the barracks when he served in the 70's and its true - most drain pipes were locked at night.

KK is Dutch and a boy, HAsXX is a Dutch boy. There is a difference. RAT is featherless, RB is hideously feathery and utterly Fay in both senses of the word.

Rancid Flowers are thrown over a busy highway and trampled over by cars. Flattened by trucks. LongFox is soooooooooo into this. LF keeps his happy trail under intense supervision. LEopard is in total admiration of this maintenance.

There is an advertisement ISO: HWP, glk, WS, DTe, C2C, BW, 420. B.Q. is thinking of getting in contact. P'dubs is on the horn ATM so he'll have to wait. They're - B.Q. and P'dubs - on the phone as we speak and that is what P'dubs was told. (That he'll have to wait… it says that above. ) A wide eyed Lamb silently waits at his feet, snickering along with a one sided conversation.

Darion is double-gaited much like PK. BOSS was pounced upon by a pack of dingoes 3 weeks ago and is still recovering.

It is said that the term DONALD DUCK was used to describe a dishonourable discharge for homosexuality in the American Navy.

CLOTHESRACK, a renowned sexual athlete has an intense CO and was dethroned from the eastB toilet block because of this very reason. During a excessive food bender TeeTee left alley apples on the doorstep of 10 to 12 unknowing households.

Mark Antony was said to be involved with Julius Ceasar and various other M2M affairs. Darryn Jime and Bridge Maxl have decided to name their first born "Zanie". HAsXX was there to witness this. FULL DRESS CODE is required for tomorrow afternoon.

McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hungry Jacks are all subscribing to the new millennium pressure of "healthy architecture": modifying menus and a denial of early designs. The past breeds ideas of an unhealthy lifestyle and intense "excess", or so they say…

The new architecture resembles that of healthy inner city living. Strange apartments situated close to the train stations and with a heavy brick veneer etc etc etc etc et etc

The Catcher observes the Gift Giver eat all the aforementioned fast-food with great bitterness. McD's, KFC, HJ etc etc etc. CC is offered food but knows cannot partake. Can - or doesn't want to? These words are being frisbee'd around internally. Can/ Don't want to, Can/ Don't want to, Can/ Don't want to and so on and so on and so on. C knows his ksubi jeans will be around his ankles shortly. Nobody is reading, only offering themselves as something to be read etc etc etc etc.

A body is stripped. GG rises to the occasion. GG watches C, remaining fixed to his spot or "throne" even. His breathing is loud. Panting. A t-shirt is worn, previously cut up and clumsily pinned back together. This is a "premature" look - an infant object/ mind frame placed in the deep end posing as the shallow. Yes it is water and yes it is a t-shirt, but it is still obviously precious and not treated in the same disregard as a raggie or 85 yo paint smock.

Company will be arriving soon…

GG extracts his smoking device from backpack. A high pitched alarm is throbbing from a distant car. Mercedes…. C is approached (again). STEPPEN, CUPP, CLOTHES, g.odhKa.a.a., RACK, BRUSH, CHAINS, WHEELS, CHAOS have arrived. GG is taken by surprise or "perplexed"(?). Many different people, opportunities etc etc etc etc. Bags and heavy jackets have been removed and are now covering a good portion of the floor. There is no cloak room or shelves or containers to house all this "stuff". Later on STEPPEN(GG) will surrender his fur trimmed jacked as a drop sheet for BRUSH (C ), CHAINS (C ) and CUPP(C )…. but at the moment things are relatively quiet.

GG (no name) and GG (STEPPEN) have ordered food. Endless dishes are being delivered. Food just keeps on coming. A TEENAGE BOY, MIDDLE AGED MAN, MID TWENTIES MALE have also been called. Two of the latter are SKINHEADS etc etc etc etc. A "quiet" night has begun to mushroom into a busy thoroughfare. CHAINS, CUPP, BRUSH have decided against removing their motorcycle helmets. The main body of shirts and pants have been peeled off leaving only the arms and legs being clothed - kind of like an inverted muscle tee/ short shorts. This serves as a "blackening out" appearance. A group of C's shaved down to only a torso, crotch, stump arms/ stump legs and (sometimes) face. If magazines were being consumed it would be probably nothing at all.

The Mercedes has been hot-wired and moved into "the space". It looks good/ cliched/ rough etc etc etc. Maybe even someone will start a bonfire from the oil drums. Over the course of the night, catchers will spray the car with requests or "propositions". Sooner of later there will be no room left on the car for lettering - it is only a four seater - and somebody is sent out to buy paint of another colour. A glossy purple is chosen to blanket over the yellow lettering. Windows have been smashed, tires slit. A sock has been slid onto the exhaust piping. Many are gasping for air.

CHAINS is pounding his fists on a wire fence, CUPP is gasping for air, leaning against the brick wall.

abandoning his coat of morals

solid structural foundation

Most sexuality for young men is primarily a violent urge. if you like men to men that is.. Violence

take full advantages of their services while you can…

"I have bad memories of trying to strangle someone - that is gross. Their body was smothered in lubricant and my hands somehow wound up around their neck. "

Who said that, why say that, i.e. in the company of mutants

Two old goats have already been devoured and its not even midday.

Phone Conversation
sewer chewer
Violence is a primary urge in sexuality.
Locker room
post mix coca cola
baby with a mohawk
baby with a faux hawk & mullet
Escape, man..………
dying of thirst
Pierced, fresh & honest
Got milk? got dik? etc etc etc etc etc etc
Two old goats
SCTP has slyly begun tooling up.
"controversial" movies
RRotGTS is into FthRSH'R/YY/WFF/c2c/HJ etc etc etc
Baboon with a bow
forgetting to flush


dogbowl & RRotGTS are being "interviewed"
for a magazine. it is a publication exclusively celebrating youth.

The boys are asked questions, etc etc etc etc..……..…. Words are used which come across as "loaded". Many glasses of water were filled up and emptied quickly.

Cigarettes were "smoked"…..………...

PK poses with a can of coke. His penis outline is alertingly visible. He is drinking, yes, but he is aware of what else is happening - somebody is taking a photo.

Dogbowl is mute

Somebody in the next room is cooking popcorn. P.K. made a remark about the sound of distant popping, the w oft of butter etc etc

PK inside Dogbowl is Pdogkowl. The "P" being silent.

Grown men amongst real life representation of tomoffinland men come across as mere fodder.

beasts, high performance, good bacteria does not make up for the amount of bad bacteria, 500 percent more impact resistance etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc





There is "activity" or "movement" below the belt etc etc tec


The C is exposed to his (soon to be) suiters.
There is no amyl around so C cranks up the heat to an extreme level.
The sheer heat makes him dizzy and light headed. This is a feeling he is all too aware of. Feeling heady/ giving head, giving heady and feeling head etc etc etc etc etc etc.

A sweaty pit of men are interlocked amidst a hungry rimming circle..

It is the sound of one being ravaged,,,,, etc etc etc

they are what they are nothing and something and that is of what is something that is bandage on a leg and again and an iced mocca and buffalo wings which is something they would probably all desire if there was even a second given to take a breath etc etc etc etc etc etc

Amidst the rhythmic gobbling etc etc etc etc the low frequency of a saliva driven chocolate bark is obvious. Stands out etc etc

CELTIC/ TRIBAL TATTOO's COVERING their bodies. Full back tattoo's, upper arm tribal emblems.



Whats that porno stars name from titan men videos that has the piercing on the back of his scrotum? The Sleeper with a metal ball bearing which keeps it together - I think he has a bunch of Tribal tattoo's on his arms.

I am fond of the snaps clubbing men in gay newspapers, the social pages type things… they pose with a shoulder towards the camera. These shoulders are decorated with celtic armbands or tribal style markings or maybe even barb wire....

Monday, December 20, 2010

There is a car…. A car is responsible for moving ideas, people, disease, socks, towels.

Stacks of newspapers used as table legs:

Odour and breath used as "atmosphere".

Blank room sprayed in a translucent bouquet.

(A cover, or sock still retaining shape when it is an empty vessel)

Tables covered with flowing white cloth, Green ivy like plants weaving around beige columns.

Awkward white training shoes stained with blue denim smudges.

Mud stained soles of socks that can literally snap in half

Motorcross boots singled out as not a pair of boots,

but that


an object of colour, shape, accessory.

Thus, there is an empty motocross boot..........

A training shoe... or running shoe with specific

air ventilation and foot support is

wedged into the

mouth or

beginning/end of boot

slash placed on an assigned

angle so it is balancing.


or four

more shoes are placed into the training shoe

much like the shoe is "stuffed" (or whatever) into

the motocross boot…


into mouth

The shoes do not stand

up in a straight line of course... but that

of a crooked back or the early makings

of an arch. Often the stack of shoes appears to have a slight gestural approach etc etc etc etc etc

There is a room full of machine guns, swords, feeding holes, metal framing bent and pushed into abstract shapes then covered in socks.

Motorcycle helmets

with black tinted visors down.

Mammoth bullet holes stuffed with silky football tops or bulky motor cross pants.

A mass of different objects soft or hard stacked in a non specific way covered in tarp or cheesecloth tied with a material like a bondage rope from a generic sex shop or a metal chain from a hardware store.

A collection of different cereal boxes or foreign biscuits faded by the sun or heavy lights. the dully coloured products destroying "buying appeal"

Electric blue silk scarves masked with cigarette smoke.

Fire engine sheets hanging amidst a body(???) of Carbon monoxide.

Smell can create barriers in a room or space.

Something that is there but is not but is there but is not etc etc etc.


Often presence can

relate a lot to

peoples tolerance.




+ (cotton) elasticised shorts

knotted on a street sign.


of white fluffy furniture



or well recognised cartoon characters


on top

lounging and

(talking) and relaxing.

(if) it







there is definitely an element of chase involved. As animals, there is a peaking order - but this seems to be of a entirely different manner…

Where there is a Shark,

there is a Lark..……

Where the flight of a concord


Another one begins…

Thus there is branch with a fox mole bat leopard all perched together.

Sunlight is

forcing (itself) through heavy blinds on a window,





Many babies


crying etc etc et ctec


fruit is



a bowl.


In the magazine there are advertisements for Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Lauren and Marc Jacobs.

In the magazine there are advertisements for Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Lauren and Marc Jacobs. Sure there are others but they are…. well… unknown designers…. or "emerging". Many feature lush settings and faces that appear both full and empty, nondescript and individual. This sounds confusing or cliched but it is not. Everybody has seen these calibre of pictures. Unless they are blind.

Countless editions of GQ are stacked in a thick pile and others have fallen and skidded or slid around the floor.

If a man is to look like a man,

they are

a man,


if a woman does this as a man

they are a man



Held firmly by a baboon

or the petals

gobbled by a domestic cat.

The identity of



rarely breaks outside

of (the)


this is in a sense of the male being the




etc etc etc etc

A trail of young people are standing around appearing to be "waiting" or "hanging out." Somebody is leaning against the wall in that classic seventies cruising stance. pronouncing availability, interest in something else. Everybody bares the palett of one who is sexy or desirable or confident. The background is white. simple…. and the crowd of models are in black and white.



advertisements are sexy


classic jawlines




Underwear is always white.

If a man

is working











The idea of studded saddle bags are loudly bandied about.....

If there is a youngish boy he is

wearing a backwards cap or no cap at all.

Sunglasses, seldomly..……..

Dirt bikes are thrown around an old garage and boys are standing between these piles of bikes.


















and a BOY is not a MAN…….

they are a BOY…..


essentially is free of any


etc etc etc etc

How can "tenderness" bare a label that relates


to the


of sexuality.

This is what some people would say.

And I do mean

"practice". huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???????


is always




you have


be practicing in it

to actually



The shoot has been going forever. PK's phone is ringing but nobody is permitted to move. It's plugged in at the wall… charging… and the ring tone




Everybody has forgotten to bring music to play.

But were they even asked?

This fact will not be obvious when the photo's are published because if you were deaf and there it would seem like everyone was having an awesome time and somebody had shared their cd collection to a gaggle

of youths

who had not ever heard those tracks before.

A red headed boy is ordered to ride around the negative spaces over and over. Pretty soon someone else will be told to kneel on the floor with a coushin under their knees and prepare to have their head shaved to a revealing zero at any given moment.

The head shaver was instructed not to be "too rough".

Sometimes older men find it too arousing, challenging, compelling to mess up the face of a pretty young boy. Mostly this is done in a deeper sexual manner, i.e. "rough play" but most take what they are given.

Unless services are being paid for, and i mean outside of the photo shoot,,,,,,there has to be some kind of boundaries etc etc etc et c

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Men looking the same, in completely different areas or locations or neighbourhoods are the same person, or same not-person, idea.

sweating like a iced water pitcher

Image with the information taken out etc etc etc (cheesy?)

Clothes without hanger, Hanger without etc etc etc.

No time waster's!

piles of clothes, brand names, no names, opaque, clear, see thru, burnt to a crisp, boiled to the point of a jelly like mess.

"Classic" garbage bins or "garbage pails". Untreated bleak metal turned upside down and used as plinths. Cardboard boxes made to look like plinth made to look like cardboard box

Everything is urgent/ exciting when something is temporary. Is that what the C was told? as a C they should know. Bliss, when thy wade in ignorance. But, as you know C into GG into GG into C = GGC/CGG.

Consent is given by organising a date.

one feels much more strongly?

concrete idea's don't "keep" well.

concrete ideas should be inhaled and gone through in a day… afternoon… moment. Concrete ideas are often mistakes and should be exhaled and or "performed" in order to make way for new designs or projects to fashion. Go through the bad to get to the good, anyway possible?

only ideas that are flowing, ever changing, but able to balance on ones self. I.e., be backed up/ helped along or even baby fed by past ideas. Mould cannot start without an old meal. Piss cannot start without a large glass of iced water.

Overpowered by ideas, or disease. Opening up ones body.

Beginnings (or endings)

A human skull falls from the stairs. Then later, the silhouette of a skull imposed over image of an old thrashed house etc etc etc etc. Some things grow quickly. There are boys inside - or "Men" reclining on couches.....drinking beer and burping really loudly and using the words:






BIZOING! etc etc etc etc etc

When erect penises are pulled back and let go like a catapult they make a "Boing" or "Boi- yoi- yoing" sound.

The walls inside are adorned in blu tac stains and foot prints and tags. There is rectangular shapes and small squares and a silhouette of what looks like a snake or a babe or something along those lines…….. these shapes are all at least 3 or 4 shades lighter than the rest of the paint work.

"Mad dogs eat shit",

"Eat Arse/ Drink/ Die",

"Slash your t-shirts, leave them out to be eaten by moths",

"bury a jacket, set fire to some jeans",

"BB the street, ram down on teeth, never bathe..… deep heat",

"Drink your own piss: open your mind, reveal the contents of a blank envelope."

Sometimes these tags delve more into the realms of poetry. Good Poetry is mostly fluid and off the top of the head anyway so I guess a lot of poetry would be graffiti if only it was approached with spray paint and a wall instead of a pen and paper or computer.

Motorcycle Exhaust - what is an image? How do we farm, or manufacture our thoughts (i.e. stature) ?

There are towels thrown over a room. Wet towels abandoned in a mound and left to dry. When solid can be moved around as hard matter or new objects with a different purpose…… or no purpose, or weight carriers. Empty… hollow… nothing… but heavy enough and solid like a rock or cinder block. Blocks are stacked to make walls or to divide space, create boundaries. The same is done with old matter - be it discarded food, tired moist clothing…

The heaviness behind a stench commands spaces we weave over/ around/ away from. Nobody stands in front of a Kawasaki exhaust, they walk around it. Nobody stands underneath a pile of blocks or bricks or rocks, they walk around or travel over it. Stench creates important territories that are "uncharted" or unachievable destinations.

Nobody builds on flood plain/ plane. Maybe they should?

Documentation is so heavily doctored that it's never actually true or realistic either. Something is always left out or over compitsated for. All the ugly things are discarded so everything appears better. All the ugly things are accentuated so you have feelings of sympathy.

Everybody cries when they are bombarded with the image of many hideous animals who've been spruced up with bows or bleached teeth or backpacks and oversized reflective glasses. People run screaming when confronted with the responsibility of a an oversized/ bewildered cow. So gummy.

There is a woman throwing her hair back and forth in front of a corrugated iron fence. She is standing on a collection of dried towels in the shape of. Slowly the shape breaks and loosens and moves back into what it was in the first place, a pile of towels. Slowly other people walk around or congregate and the towels are pushed and singled out or kicked (sometimes accidentally sometimes not) around the room. This kind of resembles that of a bathroom/ towelling "showroom" or like a prop to a movie. Although mostly accidental, things appear contrived because there was always some particular point where everything looked perfect and then someone went "too far."

"About the baths - especially the club baths, where I used to go all the time: The club baths weren't really private clubs. Anyone who could pay for a locker belonged. So they had Buddy Nights on Monday and Friday, which meant that two people could get in for the price of one. people would line up outside, and you could just meet someone on the line and say you were their buddy, and by the time you got to the window, you paid a single admission. you didn't necessarily have to stick to the guy you walked in with. What it meant was that for five bucks you could go inside, walk around wearing a towel, and meet anyone you wanted.

The more I went to the baths, the more I preferred this atmosphere to cruising scenes at the bars. First of all, everyone at the baths was sort of on an equal level. I mean, everyone was just wearing a towel, so you werent judged by what you were wearing, and there would not be the same attitude you encountered at the bars. The point is, all class distinctions were gone. You were a common, united, connected group of people. And I liked that situation. And it seemed I did better cruising people without clothes than with clothes! Also, in the baths, it was a totally unrealistic situation. When you left that unreal part of you there - it didn't have to be with you all the time. So I preferred the baths more and more."

-Keith Haring