Sunday, December 19, 2010

Men looking the same, in completely different areas or locations or neighbourhoods are the same person, or same not-person, idea.

sweating like a iced water pitcher

Image with the information taken out etc etc etc (cheesy?)

Clothes without hanger, Hanger without etc etc etc.

No time waster's!

piles of clothes, brand names, no names, opaque, clear, see thru, burnt to a crisp, boiled to the point of a jelly like mess.

"Classic" garbage bins or "garbage pails". Untreated bleak metal turned upside down and used as plinths. Cardboard boxes made to look like plinth made to look like cardboard box

Everything is urgent/ exciting when something is temporary. Is that what the C was told? as a C they should know. Bliss, when thy wade in ignorance. But, as you know C into GG into GG into C = GGC/CGG.

Consent is given by organising a date.

one feels much more strongly?

concrete idea's don't "keep" well.

concrete ideas should be inhaled and gone through in a day… afternoon… moment. Concrete ideas are often mistakes and should be exhaled and or "performed" in order to make way for new designs or projects to fashion. Go through the bad to get to the good, anyway possible?

only ideas that are flowing, ever changing, but able to balance on ones self. I.e., be backed up/ helped along or even baby fed by past ideas. Mould cannot start without an old meal. Piss cannot start without a large glass of iced water.

Overpowered by ideas, or disease. Opening up ones body.

Beginnings (or endings)

A human skull falls from the stairs. Then later, the silhouette of a skull imposed over image of an old thrashed house etc etc etc etc. Some things grow quickly. There are boys inside - or "Men" reclining on couches.....drinking beer and burping really loudly and using the words:






BIZOING! etc etc etc etc etc

When erect penises are pulled back and let go like a catapult they make a "Boing" or "Boi- yoi- yoing" sound.

The walls inside are adorned in blu tac stains and foot prints and tags. There is rectangular shapes and small squares and a silhouette of what looks like a snake or a babe or something along those lines…….. these shapes are all at least 3 or 4 shades lighter than the rest of the paint work.

"Mad dogs eat shit",

"Eat Arse/ Drink/ Die",

"Slash your t-shirts, leave them out to be eaten by moths",

"bury a jacket, set fire to some jeans",

"BB the street, ram down on teeth, never bathe..… deep heat",

"Drink your own piss: open your mind, reveal the contents of a blank envelope."

Sometimes these tags delve more into the realms of poetry. Good Poetry is mostly fluid and off the top of the head anyway so I guess a lot of poetry would be graffiti if only it was approached with spray paint and a wall instead of a pen and paper or computer.

Motorcycle Exhaust - what is an image? How do we farm, or manufacture our thoughts (i.e. stature) ?

There are towels thrown over a room. Wet towels abandoned in a mound and left to dry. When solid can be moved around as hard matter or new objects with a different purpose…… or no purpose, or weight carriers. Empty… hollow… nothing… but heavy enough and solid like a rock or cinder block. Blocks are stacked to make walls or to divide space, create boundaries. The same is done with old matter - be it discarded food, tired moist clothing…

The heaviness behind a stench commands spaces we weave over/ around/ away from. Nobody stands in front of a Kawasaki exhaust, they walk around it. Nobody stands underneath a pile of blocks or bricks or rocks, they walk around or travel over it. Stench creates important territories that are "uncharted" or unachievable destinations.

Nobody builds on flood plain/ plane. Maybe they should?

Documentation is so heavily doctored that it's never actually true or realistic either. Something is always left out or over compitsated for. All the ugly things are discarded so everything appears better. All the ugly things are accentuated so you have feelings of sympathy.

Everybody cries when they are bombarded with the image of many hideous animals who've been spruced up with bows or bleached teeth or backpacks and oversized reflective glasses. People run screaming when confronted with the responsibility of a an oversized/ bewildered cow. So gummy.

There is a woman throwing her hair back and forth in front of a corrugated iron fence. She is standing on a collection of dried towels in the shape of. Slowly the shape breaks and loosens and moves back into what it was in the first place, a pile of towels. Slowly other people walk around or congregate and the towels are pushed and singled out or kicked (sometimes accidentally sometimes not) around the room. This kind of resembles that of a bathroom/ towelling "showroom" or like a prop to a movie. Although mostly accidental, things appear contrived because there was always some particular point where everything looked perfect and then someone went "too far."

"About the baths - especially the club baths, where I used to go all the time: The club baths weren't really private clubs. Anyone who could pay for a locker belonged. So they had Buddy Nights on Monday and Friday, which meant that two people could get in for the price of one. people would line up outside, and you could just meet someone on the line and say you were their buddy, and by the time you got to the window, you paid a single admission. you didn't necessarily have to stick to the guy you walked in with. What it meant was that for five bucks you could go inside, walk around wearing a towel, and meet anyone you wanted.

The more I went to the baths, the more I preferred this atmosphere to cruising scenes at the bars. First of all, everyone at the baths was sort of on an equal level. I mean, everyone was just wearing a towel, so you werent judged by what you were wearing, and there would not be the same attitude you encountered at the bars. The point is, all class distinctions were gone. You were a common, united, connected group of people. And I liked that situation. And it seemed I did better cruising people without clothes than with clothes! Also, in the baths, it was a totally unrealistic situation. When you left that unreal part of you there - it didn't have to be with you all the time. So I preferred the baths more and more."

-Keith Haring

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