Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kate Smith/ Alex Vivian "Minnie The Moocher" at WestWing, Jan 21st-31st

"Minnie The Moocher" is our (KS & AV) second show together. First being, "*tastes self*" at Hell Gallery 2009.
MtM was Held at WESTWING, part of Westspace gallery. Located in Melbourne Central, running for 10 or so days..........


Sculptures/ paintings in clusters but singled out as lone objects. Kate: Clay, painted, in a blob, painted, seemingly stood over?; packing matter dipped in a thick pinkish paint… almost purple; Glove/ a hand filled with a heavy substance. Many of these objects lean towards a "gestural" side. Skirting towards ideas of fashion - or not fashion, bodily parts - arms, legs. But more of a indication - or offering towards.........

Alex: Segments of clothing submerged in water; Vases placed upon one another filled with water of different colours, shades, etc etc. Blue to light blue, purple to rose, Red to -again- purple…; Yellow motorcycle jacket thrown on floor, "David" bust on plinth.

Objects almost appear as an act or motion towards movement, a symbolic gesture, wave, indication...

An unfinished/ finished painting by K and Denim pocket from a GUESS shirt glued on by A etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

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